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The mystical story “Lord of the rings” has been adapted from the awesome book of the same name authored by J.R. Tolkien. The movie is basically a sequel of the book The Hobbit that had been authored previously by Tolkien for his children. It was the immense popularity that led Tolkien to pen another book named as the “The Lord of the Rings”.

Utmost care has been exercised as not to id verification ring contort Tolkien original epic writing style for the to fulfillment of the technicalities of the conventional standards of theatrical musical as opposed to the average norms and traditions of the theatre that have been stretched to the end limits for accommodation to Tolkien’s writing. The story possesses the ability to both amaze and provide comical moments that not only thrill but also and excite the adult and the young audience alike owing to the magical and the mystical experience. Its successful adaptation of the theatre show leads to the transportation of the spectators into a fantasy world that not only has powerful imagery but excellent special effects that makes the viewers cry and laugh along the characters.

The task of adapting such a rich story on stage was a challenge in itself that was successfully handled by the director. Portraying several events such as the depiction of good versus bad, the fight sequences, different species to name a few was a challenge in itself and it was theoretically and artistically dealt with to utmost perfection negating Warchus’s earlier notion that the comprehensive storyline was impossible to be summarized on stage. However after repeated readings his mind cleared up and he could imagine the creation of landscapes and sets much as in the original movie.

According to the story Isuldur tries to use the power of the Ring of invisibility in order to escape but losses it in a river and is murdered. Centuries later it is found by two friends by coincidence. Sméagol murders his friend D’agol for the possession of the ring. He uses its power of invisibility for all kinds of malpractices including theft and listening in on secrets. He was loathed by people and consequently named “Gollum” owing to his strange habit of making gurgling noises in his throat. Sick of the abuses being flung at him all the time he leaves for the caverns that are beneath the Misty Mountains believing that he can find the secret of how the world came into being. This is depicted in the setting of 2470, or more appropriately the Third Age of the Middle-Earth.